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God has not forgotten you! Have you struggled to reconnect with your faith in the face of infertility or pregnancy loss? You are not alone. In this book the author vulnerably describes how she faced infertility, repeated pregnancy losses, and multiple hospitalizations while seeking to align her life with God’s will. She discovered The Secrets of Faith INfertility in the midst of pain when there was no evidence of a happy ending. Dr. Tazz wrote this book in response to the private moments spent with women who had experienced premature delivery, late term stillbirth, and other tragedies. She now provides guidance and inspiration for women and couples to pursue their faith, find fertility, and experience God’s favor INfertility!

In this book you will discover:
- The common denominator among those who endure the challenges of infertility
- The secrets of finding faith and favor in spite of intense pain and disappointment
- Inspiration to help you cope with the past and face the future
- Insight for those seeking to understand and support women and couples and help them remove the shadows of infertility
- How women and couples can be INfaith with God INfertility

The Secrets of Faith Infertility: An Untold Journey of Faith, Fertility, and Fav

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