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The What, Why, and
How of Fertility Support

Hello,  I’m DoctorTazz and I am passionate about providing relevant and relatable infertility and pregnancy loss support for women and couples. My personal experience in navigating the challenges of infertility and repeated loss has made me deeply aware of the importance of providing a faith-based supportive environment, accessible advice, and compassionate understanding.


I draw on my experience as an infertility warrior, miscarriage survivor, and professional educator to provide personalized, information about various personal activities and fertility treatment options. With the challenges you face during your fertility journey, I strive to equip you with knowledge and resources that make the process understandable, achievable and less overwhelming.

My mission is to understand your unique story and work towards the best possible outcome for you. In addition to coaching support, I also provide practical faith-based programs, and assignments to support my clients through their fertility journey. These are all provided with prayerful discernment unique to each mother-in-waiting. Through these methods, my clients are able to develop an emotional foundation based on hope and understanding that will empower them throughout their fertility journey.

I believe that it is essential to provide couples and individuals with the tools they need to handle the complexities of fertility treatment. The combination of fertility programs, compassionate emotional support, and faith-based practices allow my clients to feel empowered and confident in their fertility journey.

I'm honored to provide couples and individuals with personalized support and guidance they need during their journey. I look forward to walking with you on your fertility faith journey and seeing you embrace your little miracle in your arms.

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