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Who Is DoctorTazz ?

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Wife | Mom | Author | Speaker

Dr. Latazia Stuart

DoctorTazz  is an extraordinary international speaker, fertility coach, and  best selling author of The Secrets  of Faith INfertility: An Untold Journey of Faith, Fertility, and Favor.  After years of suffering in silence and hiding shamefully behind her infertility and pregnancy losses, DoctorTazz vulnerably shares her personal journey with these issues to build hope and bring joy to other women and couples suffering in silence like she did.


As a Doctor of Education with 20+ years of experience in higher education, she has served as a leader, coach, speaker, and group facilitator in various settings. DoctorTazz works with individuals, groups, and organizations to amplify and support  the silent struggles of women  suffering with infertility and pregnancy loss.


DoctorTazz provides infertility and pregnancy loss faith-based coaching, workshops, and resources that support women and couples  on their fertility journey to holding their miracle. From her painful experiences with infertility and loss, DoctorTazz now purposefully builds hope through offering practical strategies to empower women to overcome fear, silence shame, and boldly activate their faith with practical steps to help them reach the joyful season of holding their miracle.


DoctorTazz  is a Christian mom of 3 miracles who loves the beach and being on the ocean. She is gluten-free and has a guilty sweet tooth for all things with guava, pineapple, or coconut.

She is a wife, mom, speaker, author, university dean, consultant, children’s ministries leader, and mentor to young business leaders.  Despite wearing many hats, her passion is to serve God with all her heart through her service to others.

She has island roots from The Bahamas, and currently resides in Central Florida with her husband and kids. DoctorTazz’s personal mission is to build hope and bring joy!

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